The #TrashTag challenge has taken off – the #CleanupChallenge is making the news around the world

The tide pods are sooo 2018!

Finally, an awesome new challenge we can stand behind: The “Trash Tag” is catching on and making the news around the world along with brand new hashtags: #TrashTag a friend for the #CleanupChallenge or #TrashChallenge – pick an area that needs a cleanup and tag a friend to help clean it up then post pictures BEFORE and AFTER. We promise it’ll feel great! , Mashable and Insider have published articles about the cleanup movement sparked by the hashtag #trashtag.

#BeTheChange #CleanupMovement #DoGoodFeelGood

Tag us in your pictures: #CleanOurWorld and on FB, or @2CleanOurWorld on Twitter and Instagram.

Our picture above got over 7400 “karma” or upvotes on the Reddit post. If the 7400+ are inspired to pick up a piece of trash next time they go out, our mission is accomplished.

On Twitter we posted about the #TrashChallenge and the hashtag is now trending in Malaysia!

Some may argue that this is just a band-aid to a much larger issue and not solving the actual source of the problem, but we truly believe that we’re getting people interested in cleaning and protecting the environment and that’s a great trend to be a part of. Faith in humanity is restored! What’s next? Blood donations? #GiveBlood, #BloodChallenge and #GiveBloodChallenge need to become the next trending challenges 🙂

#TrashChallenge #TrashCleanup #TrashtagMovement

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