Superheroes Cleanup

Welcome and thank you for being a volunteer and offering to help!

Our last beach cleanup was a huge success! We’re currently working on a few other local cleanups, to raise awareness and make protecting the environment and picking up the trash a normal routine.

Upcoming events:

  • Superheroes Cleanup – dress-up as favorite fantasy characters
  • Beach BBQ & Volleyball PLUS clean-up
  • Park Party Takeover & cleanup – with local guest DJs

We’d also like to reward our volunteers so we’re introducing the “Trash for Treasures” idea at local  events where the participants become instant volunteers if they clean up the grounds after the event and receive swag in exchange of a full bag of trash collected off the grounds.

We need venues and sponsors to provide T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other “swag” that we can offer.

Any other ideas are welcome. We’re starting with these small events to raise awareness of a need to keep the environment clean, while making it fun. Our larger goal is to help in major cleanup efforts and protecting the environment, but we’re just getting started.

Again, thank you for your willingness to be involved, I’ll keep in touch about dates of future efforts.


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