“Go PLOGGING With Me” – community cleanup

Clean up your neighborhood! This weekend go for a walk or jog and take a couple of trash bags with you. All over the world neighbors get together weekly and walk or jog while cleaning their neighborhood and making friends. It’s not only good for the environment, but it improves your health: squats while walking/jogging?!

Of course, it’s gross picking up trash, but it’s irresponsible to just walk by and leave it there, where you can see it again tomorrow. That‘s gross!

It’s not hard keeping your neighborhood clean. Do your part! Do what you normally do, just carry a trash bag in your pocket everywhere you go and pick up the trash you encounter.

Swedes have a name for this activity: plogging (mashup word from the Swedish “plocka upp” meaning pick-up and jogging). It even has a #hashtag on social media. Post your #plogging pics and videos and tag us too: #CleanOurWorld as well as #pickitup #trashrun and #trashwalk.


Forgetting bags when you leave for a walk? attach one of these to your keys or purse:




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