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I grew up with my parents teaching me to always pick up after myself. When I started traveling, I was mesmerized by all the beautiful places around our planet, but also shocked and disappointed by all the garbage that ends up in all the public places, beaches and even in the water.

Every time I got a chance to volunteer to cleanup beaches or certain areas in my town I felt a sense of accomplishment, even though the results of my efforts were merely temporary. So I decided to do whatever it takes to live that feeling again and again, and started organizing cleanup days around my town, beaches, parks and public areas.

“Clean Our World” started as a personal passion project, and now we’re thankful to all the great people that joined us and share the same passion for enjoying a clean world.

It started slow at first, but the movement took hold and now many “Clean Our World” Ambassadors organize volunteer events every week cleaning up their neighborhoods. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, donors and organizers who are really starting to make a difference. Together we’ll help change the attitude towards a clean world!

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